The Craftsmen of Uniqueness

T.K. Yang


Serial entrepreneur with precise insight and creative thinking. 

Inspired by curative effect of CBD on long-time illness.

Responsible for company establishment in early stages. T.K. Yang leads the company to achieve key strategic objectives and develop business for middle stages.

David Chen


Experienced in banking, accounting and real estate.​

Witness of how hemp has changed USA and the economy.

Responsible for technology sourcing and financial planning. David is deeply connected to hemp industry in US and brings the most exclusive technology resources to the company. 

Wang Ming


Experienced in marketing and company operation.​

Inspired by the potential of how hemp could change the world.

Responsible for early stage marketing and company organization. Wang Ming concentrates the company with elite resources and provide strategic advice for future development.

Zac Liao


Owner of  professional construction company.

Witnessed how hemp improves friends on health and daily life. Believe hemp can bring change to the world and choose to do the right thing.

Highly experienced in developing and maintaining political public relations. Zac also brings his talent on land development, sales, company operation and relationship management into the company.

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