Updated: Mar 24, 2020

終於花了三年的時間,成品終於誕生了。美國田納西州的一家公司是世界上第一家生產該產品的公司。位於塞維爾維爾的田納西州木地板公司表示,為了實踐我們這個想法,已經進行了多年。將大麻製成硬木地板的想法似乎有點難度,但老闆史蒂夫·凱西(Steve Casey)知道他和他的團隊有技術和能力實現目標。 凱西談到硬木時說:“這不是橡木,不是山核桃。” 他花了數十年的時間製造地板,但沒有什麼比他的這次的大麻硬木新產品更好。

他說:“它有自己的外觀。” “這是硬木中最硬的一種。”為了最終看到產品,我花了三年的時間,我們一直與肯塔基州的另一家初創公司HempWood合作,該公司於2019年開始生產基於大麻的木材。他說:“ HempWood很高興與我們聯繫並嘗試一下,我認為我們做得還不錯。”


“製造積木並壓製,然後使用大豆膠水以確保其對環境友好。”這個過程並不容易。 凱西(Casey)擔心沒有市場,但全國各地市場廣大的回響驗證了他的擔憂是多慮了。


It took three years to get to the point of finally seeing the product, but an East Tennessee company is the first in the world to produce it.Tennessee Wood Flooring in Sevierville said the process has been years in the making.The idea of making hemp into hardwood flooring seemed difficult, but owner Steve Casey knew he and his team had the skills to pull it off.

"It's not oak, it's not hickory," said Casey about the hardwood. He has spent decades manufacturing flooring, but nothing quite like his new product.

"It has its own look," he said. "It's one of the hardest of the hardwoods."To get to the point of finally seeing the product took three years. It's been working with another startup in Kentucky, HempWood, that started producing hemp-based wood in 2019."HempWood was great to contact us and give us a try, and I think we've done okay," he said.

Instead of taking hemp leaves, which are used to make CBD products, the flooring is made of the leftover stalk.

"Every acre takes ten tons of carbon out of the air in a three month period, which would take an acre of oak trees 60 years to do the same thing," said Casey about hemp. "About as much recycling you can do."

"Build blocks and presses and use a soy-based glue to make sure it stays environmentally friendly. "The process isn't easy. Casey worried there wouldn't be a market for it, but was quickly proven wrong. A big response came in from all over the country.

"There is a market, so that makes you feel better you're on the right track. Anything that's hard, anything that's worthwhile is hard, that's just the way it is," said Casey.

Minor adjustments still need to be made to the hemp hardwood. Everything should be ready to go in about a month for purchase.