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Updated: Mar 24

據《星際論壇報》報導,美國明尼蘇達州的監管機構已要求立法建立一個州大麻辦事處,以監督該州的醫用大麻和CBD產業以及潛在相關的成人用麻市場。 該州的藥局和農業局、健康與公共安全部門的官員已要求建立一個大麻管理辦公室的中央機構,以便將來成人用大麻合法化後可規範該行業。 據多家機構稱,如果有一個辦公室來監督整個大麻產業,可以聚集各種專家,並有助於簡化監管工作。據新聞媒體報導,從2018年到2019年,明尼蘇達州醫療大麻計劃的患者人數增長了27%,目前有18,000多名患者參與該計畫。 此外,《 Star Tribune》報導,該州的大麻種植者數量從同一時期的大約50人增加到了400人,並且全州越來越多的CBD產品正在銷售。 據新聞媒體報導,農業部目前監督明尼蘇達州的大麻計劃,並試圖與藥房委員會一起監管CBD產品。監管機構於1月份向明尼蘇達州立法機構正式要求建立一個中央大麻辦公室,而該州政府成員則表示,擬議中的大麻管理辦公室將有助於減輕其他州機構的監管負擔。

Minnesota regulators have asked lawmakers to establish a state cannabis office to oversee the state’s medical cannabis, hemp and CBD industries, as well as, potentially, an adult-use market, according to a Star Tribune report.

Officials from the state’s Pharmacy Board and departments of Agriculture, Health and Public Safety have asked for a centralized body, called the Office of Cannabis Management, to regulate the industry and prepare the state for the potential legalization of adult-use cannabis in the future, the news outlet reported. According to the various agencies, having one office to oversee the entire industry would bring together a variety of experts and help streamline regulation efforts, Star Tribune reported.

Patient enrollment in Minnesota’s medical cannabis program grew 27% from 2018 to 2019, and more than 18,000 patients are currently enrolled, according to the news outlet. In addition, the number of hemp farmers in the state grew from roughly 50 to 400 in the same timeframe, and more CBD products are increasingly being sold across the state, Star Tribune reported.

The Agriculture Department currently oversees Minnesota’s hemp program and has attempted to regulate CBD products alongside the Board of Pharmacy, according to the news outlet.

Regulators made a formal request to the Minnesota Legislature in January for a central cannabis office, Star Tribune reported, and members of a state work group have said that the proposed Office of Cannabis Management would help ease the regulatory burden on the other state agencies, which often do not have the manpower to oversee all facets of the cannabis industry.

House Democratic Majority Leader Ryan Winkler is currently drafting an adult-use cannabis legalization bill and has proposed an Office of Cannabis Management within the legislation to oversee the forthcoming adult-use cannabis market, as well as the medical cannabis and hemp industries, according to the Star Tribune.