It's Official: Green Swell Selects Chuxiong, Yunnan for Hemp Development 官方消息:綠寶選定雲南省楚雄市開發工業大麻

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

Green Swell team has completed site inspection of Yunnan hemp farm and factory. After holistic consideration on farm land, transportation, policy, we selected Chuxiong, Yunnan as our first development site in China and completed docking of our project to local entities with help from Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council.

綠寶Green Swell團隊完成雲南種植場與加工廠選址考察,在考量種植環境、土地、運輸、政策條件後,將中國第一個開發位址選定在雲南省楚雄市,並且已由臺灣事務辦公室協助完成項目和當地單位對接。

Chuxiong_hemp_farm_Green Swell_楚雄_工業大麻_農場_綠寶
Chuxiong has solid foundation in the hem industry. 楚雄具備工業大麻產業基礎。

Chuxiong has solid foundation in medical biotechnology and general health-care industry and is also the incubation center of high-end camellia in Yunnan, where camellia originated. The stability of climate has provided exceptional condition for crop growth. With the guide from completed forward-looking policy and industrial background, Chuxiong is now the epicenter of hemp industry in Yunnan.


hemp_Green Swell_工業大麻_綠寶
Hemp in Chuxiong farm. 楚雄農場內種植的工業大麻

Chuxiong_hemp_grow_Green Swell_楚雄_工業大麻_種植_綠寶
Climate in Chuxiong is dry, cold and Climate in Chuxiong is dry, cold and long sunshine day, the perfect condition for hemp growth. 楚雄乾冷與長日照的環境非常適合工業大麻生長。

Green Swell will complete vertical integration of full industrial chain, combining leading agriculture, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. We will extend the current 25,000 of application further and bring green swell to the world.

綠寶Green Swell將在此完成工業大麻產業鏈的垂直整合,並且結合頂級農業、生技、醫藥公司,將多達25,000種產品的應用可能大幅擴充,讓綠色浪潮湧至國際。