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雲南楚雄,我們來了! 綠寶國際將於2020農曆新年後與楚雄市政府正式締約。

Updated: Jan 21

Chuxiong, Yunnan, here we are!

Green Swell will officially sign an agreement with the Chuxiong municipal government after the Chinese New Year 2020.






After Green Swell selected the project in Chuxiong in November 2019, and briskly consultation with the local government. After coordinating with various ministries and commissions, it had initially completed the operation before obtaining the planting permit and will go to Chuxiong City, Yunnan Province to hold a contract signing ceremony on 2020 February 5th, and officially sign a project landing agreement with the Chuxiong municipal government. Chuxiong City is a key industrial cannabis development area in Yunnan Province. Under the guidance of policy, it plans to have the only formal industrial cannabis industrial park, and regards industrial cannabis as a star crop of agricultural biotechnology in the future. In this project, Green Swell will carry out strategic cooperation by integrating the resources of China, Taiwan and the United States to advance the application of industrial cannabis to medical care, alternative energy, new materials and other aspects, and build a future enterprise with environmental protection as its core. The CEO of Green Swell said, "Green Swell attaches great importance to the positive responsibility of companies to improve the world. Regardless of environmental issues and human health, industrial cannabis will become a key factor in the global industrial transformation. We invite visionary parties to change the future together." Industrial cannabis is being researched to prove its value; its biological properties have become a key factor in being able to replace other materials for commercialization.

At present, Green Swell has completed a five-year development blueprint, integrating the entire industrial chain from integration source plantation to terminal consumption, and aims to build a fully organic green industrial chain. The CEO of Green Swell said, "The high degree of regulation of industrial cannabis in China has prompted us to strictly control the upstream, middle, and downstream levels of the law. We emphasize the all-organic industrial foundation. In addition to protecting users from the harm of chemical substances, we also hope to convey to the world Message: Human industry can be different. " The seeds we bury will mature and thrive after 18 months and become the most shining light of the green wave of the Chinese in the world.