Green Swell went to Yunnan again for site selection and contract signing! 再訪雲南進行選址與簽約

Updated: Mar 24, 2020


Green Swell went to China for hemp project inspection on December 28. The first task is to choose the planting site and sign the land contract! Also, we signed an agreement with the relevant seed companies to purchase hemp seeds.


Green Swell will complete the registration of the head office at Yunnan before January 10, 2020. The name of the head company is "CHUXIONG XIONG-MA Biotechnology Co., Ltd."

投資促進局楊局長(右一),本公司CEO(右二),自然資源局丁辦事員(右三),本公司大陸項目經理 李經理(左二),投資促進局王辦事員(左一)

Met with the officials.


Green Swell visited the Village Planning and Construction Center in Donghua Town, Chuxiong City, Yunnan.