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賀 ! 綠寶國際與楚雄市府完成合作協議簽署 !

Congratulations! Green Swell and Chuxiong Municipal Government have signed a cooperation agreement!

 不經一番寒徹骨,焉得梅花撲鼻香~Green Swell 綠寶國際與中國雲南省楚雄市人民政府於西元2020年02月完成 「 工業大麻合作協議 」 簽署,後續進程也將陸續啟動。

此次簽約順利落幕 Green Swell 綠寶國際再次感謝各界的支持,我們將透過整合中、台、美三地資源進行戰略合作,將工業大麻的應用推進到醫療保健、替代能源、新型材料等面向,打造以環保責任為核心的未來企業。

近日因NCP疫情,此時需共體時艱,故簽約記者會將順延舉辦。Green Swell綠寶國際將持續為大家公布最新消息!

   "Without suffering the bone-chilling cold, how could you enjoy smelling the fragrance of plum blossoms."Green Swell and the Chuxiong Municipal Government of Yunnan Province, China completed the signing of the "Industrial Cannabis Cooperation Agreement" in February 2020. The follow-up process will also be launched. The signing of the contract came to a successful conclusion. Green Swell once again thanked all circles for their support. We will promote the application of industrial cannabis to medical care, alternative energy, new materials and other aspects by integrating the resources of China, Taiwan and the United States for strategic cooperation To build a future enterprise with environmental responsibility as its core. Recently, due to the Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia (NPC) epidemic, it is difficult for the community at this time, so the signing of the press conference will be postponed. Green Swell will continue to announce the latest news for everyone!